I've always been a natural, but unfortunately i went through that phase of wanting really straight hair in secondary school and as I wasn't aloud to perm my hair the straighteners became my best friend.
I mean you'd think the burning smell the flat iron gives off would've set off alarm bells in my head... sadly not. I was left with shoulder length hair that was very heat damaged at the front mostly but there were bad bits all over. through out year 11 and college i worked hard to grow out an cut off my heat damaged hair which I managed by the 2nd year of college. from then I was determined to grow my hair out long, as it had been armpit length in primary school. anyways 2 years on I'm now just bellow my boobs length and working on those couple more inches to reach full waist length. So I thought I'd bring you on my journey and share tips and tricks that have helped me in the past, present and things I may still try. hopefully it'll be helpful and interesting fingers an toes crossed.....
Stay tuned xx

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