21st Birthday Trip to Rome

Hey guys,

Imagine my SURPRISE when my mum tells me she's going to whisk me off to Rome for me 21st birthday (which was/is sept 16th) . Legit the best birthday surprise she's ever given me I wonder how she's going to top it.

Anyway  we went for a long weekend in the October week holiday just gone as my mums a teacher and that was the closest time to my birthday she could book for. We ended up staying 10 mins from the Colosseum I would recommend finding a hotel near there if your thinking of going to Rome, as everything is pretty much in working distance and there's loads of historical sites in that area. Also I would advise getting a ticket for a tour bus as you'll see much more than you would without one and you can jump on and off which will save on travel money as the tickets are valid for 24hrs.
I really would recommend everyone to go to Rome there's so much culture and history there's literally something on every corner I was buzzing there was just so much to take in. I definitely  want to visit there again as there are still many places I'd like to visit there plus, there's such a lovely atmosphere in Rome and they're friendly.