CliniMed OSTOMY Care Products

*disclaimer* - CliniMed sent me these products to try in order to provide my honest review

So I've finally finished trying out all these new products, I've had just over a month to test out all these products and I'm pleased to say there are some really great products that I have to say are must haves!

Negative thinking is the no.1 enemy of progress

My Opinion on Faux locs protective styling

How did I feel about my first ever set of faux locs?

My nightmare come true: Crohn's and a Stoma bag

Life is unpredictable and things don't always go to plan.............


I've always been a natural, but unfortunately i went through that phase of wanting really straight hair in secondary school and as I wasn't aloud to perm my hair the straighteners became my best friend.

Lets Get it Together, Stop Making Excuses its 2016 !!

Yeh you heard me,
I know it's mad how is it almost February already like where has the month gone I feel like it was only new years the other day, where does the time go please ....

Don't let your pride drag you down! Your Amazing Do/Be Better!

There are times in everyone's lives where they will go through situations where by themselves they literally have no chance of moving forward from the situation and end up stuck in a rut. The thing that makes things worse though is when you let pride tell you to tell your loved ones/friends/family that you don't need there help you'll be fine, when it's really not the case.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Self love

You shouldn't need to seek out other people's validation of your beauty or self worth whether it be in real life or on social media.

Before you can love someone else you have to learn to love yourself and be self sufficient without having someone else there as a crutch to be your confidence and self worth. Trust an believe if that person suddenly isn't in your life any more your world will probably come crashing down an then what are you going to do with yourself ? 

Warped body image , the skinny girls struggle!

It's actually mad how inadequate I can feel sometimes being that 'skinny black girl' especially as I never used to be this slim an believe it or not once upon a time I actually had an ass it hurts to think back to those glorious days before I got ill and underweight.

It's crazy how self conscious I became once I lost the little curves I had, I'd always thought a black girl with no ass is such a sad thing ...  until I was that girl I took it all for-granted I never for a moment thought it would be possible for me to become quit severely underweight . The worst thing was it was something totally out of my control . I couldn't help the fact I randomly got diagnosed with Crohn's disease I was devastated to say the least.