Lets Get it Together, Stop Making Excuses its 2016 !!

Yeh you heard me,
I know it's mad how is it almost February already like where has the month gone I feel like it was only new years the other day, where does the time go please ....

Well any-ways it's that time of year where everyone wants to talk about all these new years resolutions they've  decided on doing in 2016 knowing full well for the most part your chatting out your ass or you've probably started and failed, or not even ended up going through with them already! (Just jumping on the bandwagon for those re-tweets and insta likes?). Lord have mercy and its only the 29th of Jan -__-

Answer me this, why do we have this idea that we have to wait till the new year to make a change ? Why aren't we encouraged more to make a change whenever we feel its necessary? Why do we make excuses to not do better 'oh I'll do it next year', 'new year, new me, fresh start'.
How about we actively stop talking about what we're going to do and just make the change. The fact is we don't have to wait to make a change in the new year just because that's the fashionable thing to do stop putting it off.
Let's face it the longer you put things off for, the harder and less likely to happen they'll be.           SO WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE FLOPPED YOUR NEW-YEARS RESOLUTIONS ALREADY! February is around the corner and there's nothing wrong with starting fresh again matter-of-fact you don't even have to wait till the start of Feb you can always start fresh right now if your serious about making a change. 

You should want to better yourself at all times of the year not just new year, how about that ! 
Let's stop making excuses and start making movements.

P.S. if you fail pick your self up and just try again, eventually you'll meet you goal!

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