My Opinion on Faux locs protective styling

How did I feel about my first ever set of faux locs?

One thing no one really informs you of is how much more painful it is than just getting your hair braided. When I say my head was killing for almost a week it literally brought me to tears!
Also it takes ages mine took a day to do with three ppl in my head top. One thing I would say it's probably better just to have one person do it as not all the stylists where on the same level skills wise. Also as I had mine really long they were heavy at first and the soreness of my scalp probs made them seem heavier. But apart from that when the soreness goes away it's an amazing hairstyle I really did love having it. 

Would I get faux locs again?

I'd deffo get it done again but I think I'd use yarn next time and maybe try a different technique to see if it works out less sore. 

Have you had faux locs? Do you have a different opinion/technique or general thoughts on them comment bellow 😊


  1. I really like how your locs look on you! I really wanna try them but I doubt they will suit me, but I will try them though!! I'm getting tired of the same old box braids!

    1. Omg you really should try them I reckon they would suit you x

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