Negative thinking is the no.1 enemy of progress

So recently I've been re applying to universities as I had to restart due to illness. I got an email from one uni I really want to go to, but I only had 13 days to submit 6 portfolio pages and a questionnaire. This is where the wave of stress came in.
Due to me being ill I didn't have any finished work hadn't started my portfolio and didn't have any current finished or partly done sketchbooks ☹️.

So there's all this work I needed to get done its just piling up and I had no idea where to start. I ended up procrastinating or doing a little but because there was so much to be done it didn't really feel like I was doing much of anything. So I had 3 days left to get things done but still had no portfolio and an empty questionnaire. Now I had taken the steps to print pictures of work and decided what I wanted to put on the boards I just hadn't made them yet. I also had bullet pointed notes for the questionnaire so I had a rough idea I what I was going to do (all was not lost even though I felt like it was). 

All I could see in my minds eye, was the time quickly slipping away and I still hadn't done the work yet. It was really getting me down as I  wanted to present  sample work of a high standard, good quality and that would result in me getting a call back for an interview. I felt a massive pressure weighing down on me as this was my first choice and I really wanted to leave a good impression. 
So me being dramatic phoned my mum crying because obviously I was failing life and my work was going to be crap and I was never going to finish( I swear I'm so over the top sometimes) . My mum bless her, just reminded me to take a step back from the situation and get my bearings, have a bath and relax then come back to it with a fresh perspective. Also we prayed together before she got off the phone and it really calmed my spirit. I then had a similar convo with my friend midge which just reiterated what my mum had told me and it was really encouraging. I'm truly grateful for the amazing people God has blessed me with, His Grace and tender mercy forever evident in my day to day life.

So long story short I managed to finish the portfolio boards and questionnaire and handed it all in a couple days ago. It was such a massive relief to complete it for its deadline. Now I still have coursework to catch up on sketchbooks and my full portfolio to finish but putting a dent in my work load has given me the will to push on, keep going and never give up on my passion.
Sometimes we just need a little reminder that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel if we are willing and able to stick it out till the end. Negative thinking just wasted a lot of time I didn't have and made the situation worse. Positive thinking put everything into perspective and got the job done. As long as you keep going and don't give in you WILL get results. Nothing good ever comes easy!

from me to you, your daily dose of encouragement ,
God bless
shan x

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