CliniMed OSTOMY Care Products

*disclaimer* - CliniMed sent me these products to try in order to provide my honest review

So I've finally finished trying out all these new products, I've had just over a month to test out all these products and I'm pleased to say there are some really great products that I have to say are must haves!

Let's get started so here we have the limone ostomy deodorant spray. I'd like to say that it's my favourite thing out of all the products. All you need is two sprays and your good to go I love citrus smells and this is definitely a must have.  

Next there's Morform. Now this product is supposed to make your stoma output less liquid. I found that when I used it when my output was liquid it turned it into a kind of not quite set jelly type consistency while still having some liquid bits. So it does help a bit but it doesn't thicken it up massively. I only used one satchel each time so I don't know if the more you put in the thicker the liquid gets? Might be worth a try if you have them. Also it was hard to replace the sachele with a fresh one after empting the bag for the first time so that is something to think about but that may depend on what type of bag your using. 

Next hydrosolve appeel flushable/appeel non sting medical adhesive remover wipes: I thought it was great that they've created wipes that can flush away which would be great to put your emergency ostomy kit or the products you carry on the go. Very convenient and they flush well. Both types of wipes seem to have the same efficiency of getting adhesive off of skin which is great. 

Here we have ostagel antibacterial skin cleanser: I found this product to be so refreshing like a mini deep clean kit. I think it's great especially if your out and have an accident it'll have you feeling fresh and clean in no time. The only down point would probably be the smell it's a very clinical smell strong and kind of potent but you kind of expect that with antibacterial stuff. Other than that I think it's a really good product.

I was given some LBF Barrier cream: this interested me the most as I have eczema and my skin can be very sensitive so I thought this could be a helpful product. I found it to be thicker than I though it would be which is always a good sign. A little bit goes a very long way with this product which is great if you had to use it daily you'd definitely get your money's worth. But I did find if you use to much your bag won't stick down to your skin so you do need to be careful of that.

The appeel advanced no sting medical adhesive remover spray: does exactly what it says it does on the tin. It's almost totally silent when spraying which is ideal if you want to be discreet while out and about. It has no Oder which is assume if your not into fragrances and it'll remove your bag with ease every single time!

There where also hydrosolve flushable/ non sting LBF barrier film wipes: I was so excited when I saw this product as it is one I know and love. Soon after getting a stoma the skin around it became very irritated and itchy, my stoma nurse introduced me to the non sting wipes and they worked wonders! This is a product I always repurchase without a doubt. I was please to see they've created a flushable version which seems to have the same affect as the original ones. It's very handy when out and about and flushes well so good all around.

Lastly there were LBF foam applicators/ sprays: now these are the same as the wipes but in a different form and they all seem to work as well as eachother. I think its just up to preference and convenience I couldn't really set them apart. These I think would be good for travel especially if there aren't sufficient hygiene products about as your hands wouldn't have to have any contact with your skin. 

I really enjoyed trying out these products and I hope my review was helpful feel free to ask me any other questions you might have about them 🙂

Stay blessed 
Shan xx

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